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is an Artist who constantly

gives us a new take on wood.

She uses wood in all its forms, natural, planed,

raw etc. to create contemporary artworks.

of the work is three dimensional

object, sculptural design.

Recently she has presented a

Collection of provoking wall

hanging pieces.

believes in the need to bring

Art into all aspects of living environments

in particular into places of hospitality

as a result much of her work is created for

large spaces, turning the space itself into


work has been seen all over the world,

in banks, hotels, restaurants, galleries,

temples and Art Fairs - New York,

Palm Beach, London, Milan, Basel.

work is often provoking.

As  a poet/musician  she constantly

introduces dimensions of these other

art forms into her works.

ambition is to create an eclectic

collection of functional art particularly suitable

for commercial spaces.  She sees art as a way to

create questions and new dialogues, she calls

this project

The Hotel of Thought

 in search of intellectual and sensory aesthetic

she has lived and worked in the USA,  Africa,

the Middle East and throughout Europe.

Educated at the UoU, studied art with master

artists.  Influences include Impressionism,

Surrealism and the American phase of the

work of Mies Van Der Rohe.

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