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Love Wood Gallery

8th Avenue Art Fair October 2015

Love Wood Gallery exhibited At the inaugural 8th Avenue Fair 2015 on the Champs Elysees, Paris.

Love Wood Gallery presented a collection of the works of h.ollary.b entitled

‘In Exploration of the Real’


The following is the artist’s statement on this exhibition project:


​‘In Exploration of the Real’


“We create reality by what we see and perceive, and what we perceive and see we transform into reality. When dimensions of these views on what is real are shared by others there is a solidification and what we and others see as reality becomes more real. 


In the same way as there is a difference between what is reality and what is real, often what we see and perceive to be real maybe different from that which is real or may form only what is a partial reality.  How then, if the reality we know is already formed, can we examine if it is in fact real or partially real? 


My work explores this question, it illustrates a conceptual journey advancing questions and thoughts in what is an infinite dialogue.”

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